Laevo is proud to present the Laevo V2.5,

This October Laevo introduced her newest version the Laevo V2.5.
The most versatile exoskeleton for sale right now.

The newest version of the Laevo increases the interchangeability of the Laevo by multiple users. This solution is particularly useful for companies with a large number of operational workforce. As a result, even more people will be able to experience the support whilst using the Laevo.

New features:

  • exchange parts yourself
  • fine-tuning adjustment of width
  • fine-tuning adjustment of length
  • fine-tuning adjustment of support angle
  • switch on/ off of the support
  • better comfort

The new advantages:

  • Smaller investment for the buyer
    reuse the expensive parts
  • Easier to use by multiple users
    have people use their own Spring Shapes
  • Easier in maintenance and refitting
    just order new parts or Spring Shapes
  • More functionalities in one Laevo
    bend, squat, stoop, crawl, stand, sit

The preserved advantages of the Laevo V2:

  • Effective
    reduce up to 50% of back load
  • Easy to use
    wear like a coat
  • Practical
    no batteries
  • Affordable
    easy to order, maintain and implement

Unfortunately we are sold out in the pre-sale phase. If you order now we can add you to the waitinglist for the next production which will be commercially available at the end of Februari 2018.
If you are interested to learn more, please send us an email at: