Laevo V2

The Laevo is a wearable chest and back support that adapts to every posture. Everywhere you go, you can lean against the chest pad. The Laevo transfers force from the rest to the thighs. Due to the leverage the force on your chest is 10 times less than what your spine and back muscles have to endure. Every time you experience pressure, your back is saved.

Natural working principle

Working in a forward bended posture leads to high stresses in the back.

By leaning on your own knees, forces are transferred directly to your thighs.

The Laevo does the same. It supports your body weight, while you keep your hands free. The stresses in your back reduce with up to 40%. 


Structures – are made to measure when needed. A perfect fit for everybody. 

Chest pad – turns with every step, so you can walk freely.

Smart joint – allows hinging at the hip, so you can kneel or squat.

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Contact us

Contact us

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Select users and workplaces

Select users and workplaces

Together we determine at what place and for which users the Laevo will be beneficial. Also, we will check if custom fitted Laevo’s are necessary.


Start use

Start use

After delivering the Laevo’s, we instruct users where necessary. Together we make sure that the Laevo will be used continuously and will benefit you (or your employees) for a long time.


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